Look what I have done!

Interface for visualization of emotions represented in children's drawings

ClientFH-Potsdam (academic project)


Look what I have done! was developed for the course Mapping Emotions, at the Fachhochschule Potsdam, during my Master’s Course. The challenge was to study a group of emotions and propose an interface to organize and present them visually.

I decided to present children’s drawings according to the emotions they represent, as well as the author’s gender and age. The theme was directly related to my Master’s theme, and represented not only a great exercise of how to visually present subjective information, but also an opportunity to know more about my main target group and their ways of expression.

Each sign on the screen represents a drawing. They are positioning according to the emotions they express. Informations like gender and age are represented through icons, and additional information can be seen by clicking on each symbol.