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Institutional website for Metrinomics.

ClientMetrinomics GmbH

Since beggining of 2010, Metrinomics is positioned as a consulting company with market research background. New products and services were created and are now offered.

For this new position on the market, the whole corporate identity and publications were redesigned. The new logo reflects a direct communication with the customer in order to establish a new kind of relationship: more human and emotional, and less technical.

The website leaves the mere informative function behind, and is now built in order to enhance the communication with the visitors through social media channels and a News section for the publication of events and latest news.

Information is organized in two levels: a resume of each product and contact information to connect the visitor directly to the person responsible for each product. A more detailed information is available on a PDF brochure, which the user can download or print for a more comfortable reading.

I am the one who developed the new corporate identity and, together with the Marketing department, the concept for the new website and online communication strategy.

Layouts, website structure, wireframes and screen design were some of my tasks too. The website was developed in Typo 3.