Raymundo’s Collections

Website and multimedia guide.

ClientMuseus Castro Maya, FH-Potsdam (Master's Thesis)
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Raymundo’s Collections was developed as part of my Master’s Thesis at the Fachhochschule Potsdam, in cooperation with the Museu Chácara do Céu, in Rio de Janeiro.

The project consists in two main interfaces: one is the multimedia guide, developed to support educational activities in the museum, for children between eight and twelve years old. A second interface complements these activities outside the museum through an online interface that provides information about exhibitions, collections, events, as well as a Gallery where the children’s works can be published, conveying visual feedback for the museum’s team.

You can download my complete thesis from here.

FH-Potsdam. Potsdam, Germany, 2008.


Mobile app

The multimedia guide was created to support children’s visits in the museum, providing additional information and activities that engage them according to the overall concept “seeing, listening, doing”. It is presented in mobile devices to be used in the museum, proposing games and activities that complement children’s experience in the museum, exercising observation and creativity while having fun.



The website presents additional content for each of the Raymundo’s Collections, presented in videos, text and simple games and online activities according to the overall concept “seeing, listening, doing”.


Website: Gallery

The Gallery provides an interface where the museum’s team can quickly access information like statistics, which collection is more attractive to children, basic visitor’s profile, and which kind of activities is more successful in engaging the little visitors.